Articles from The Interaction Point

These are articles I wrote for The Interaction Point, the newsletter of the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center

TIP Features
Science Stories
SLAC People
SLAC Events

TIP Features

What is direct CP violation?
Historically, physicists believed that in a mirror image of the world all laws of physics would be exactly the same. In principle, physicists thought, observers watching an experiment reflected in a mirror could be fooled into thinking that they were seeing reality. read more
(This was about an esoteric phenomenon which shows that nature is not even-handed in its treatment of matter and antimatter. It provides some of the background behind a SLAC press release.)

Understanding the Structure of Liquid Water
Water is not as well known as one might expect. This is the TIP version of my press release, which also appeared as a Stanford Report article

Science Stories

Art Meets Science: SSRL to Join in Stanford Campus-Wide Project
August 20, 2004

GLAST Test Bed Complete
June 18, 2004. About the future gamma-ray space telescope GLAST

Old Equations Tell New Stories
June 18, 2004. Mathematical modeling of future experiments at CERN’s new accelerator, the Large Hadron Collider

Klystron Milestone Achieved
June 18, 2004. Brief piece about technology development for the Next Linear Collider

A 1960’s Dream Comes True
June 4, 2004. Stanford relativity experiment Gravity Probe B finally goes into orbit to test Einstein’s theory
This is an article about GP-B I wrote for school in December 2003

Ten Years Ago, SLAC Brought the Internet to China
June 4, 2004

BaBar to Overhaul Muon Detector
May 21, 2004. Replacing part of the BaBar detector, part of SLAC’s particle collider PEP-II.

Trickle Treat
April 2, 2004. SLAC’s particle physics machine BaBar beats its own records with a new injection procedure

New Speed Limit on Magnetic Switching
May 7, 2004. The short version of my article for the Stanford Report and press release.

In a Virtual Sky, Astronomers Find Dark Matter
March 5, 2004. About a simulation exercise for the future gamma-ray space telescope GLAST

Those Eureka! Moments at the B Factory
Feb. 20, 2004. Data analysis at a particle physics experiment is not an easy business

SLAC People

Next Ashley Fellow Announced
September 3, 2004. It is Arturo Alarcon, a Main Control Room technician

HBCU Fellows Summer at SLAC
August 6, 2004. One scientist at a time, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) fellows have contributed to bringing diversity to cutting-edge research.

Persis Drell Joins LAT as Project Goes Full Steam Ahead
July 2, 2004. The LAT will be the main instrument aboard space gamma-ray telescope GLAST.

Pope Fellowship Awarded to UC Berkeley Student
June 4, 2004. Lauren’s picture here is more, er, suitable than the one we put in the print version

Mentor a SULI Summer Student
March 19. A service piece about a summer undergraduate program

Lüth Appointed to SLAC Faculty
March 19, 2004. Vera Lüth is a senior BaBar physicist, and used to be part of the Superconducting Super Collider

The Green Meanie—Over 30 Years and Counting
March 5, 2004. I love gigantic machinery

Harris to Spearhead SLAC-Fermilab Magazine
March 5, 2004. David Harris will be editor of Symmetry, a new particle phisics magazine

Helen Quinn Is New APS President
Feb. 20, 2004. The SLAC theorist takes the one-year appointment

SLAC Events

Klaisner Hosts Fermilab Event
November 19, 2004. The project manager of GLAST’s main instrument was at Fermilab to celebrate the completion of a component of the space telescope.

External Independent Review Completed for LCLS
September 3, 2004. Another step towards the $315 million X-ray laser

SSI Special Report: The Quigg Challenge (With Shawne Neeper)
August 20, 2004. About the 10 great problems discussed at the SLAC Summer Institute, and Chris Quigg’s challenge to find the eleventh

Festivities Kick-start Kavli Institute
July 16, 2004. Groundbreaking ceremony for the Kavli Building at SLAC

Pierre Schwob Donates $1 Million to KIPAC
April 2, 2004. The Silicon Valley philantropist likes to support particle astrophysics

It’s Not Just the Volts
May 21, 2004. A “service piece” about the hazards of testing electrical circuits

SPEAR3 Movie to be Shown Again
February 20, 2004.

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