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This is my portfolio as of 2012, organized by publication. You can also browse my portfolio by topic or see selected clips by genre. For my more recent work, see the articles I have written for Nature.

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Scientific American

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Science News

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National Geographic News

European “Disco Ball” Probe to Test Einstein’s Relativity
February 13, 2012

Voyager Probes Detect “Invisible” Milky Way Glow
December 1, 2011

Archimedes’ Secrets Revealed by Atom Smasher
August 3, 2006

Proof of Big Bang Seen by Space Probe, Scientists Say
March 17, 2006

Amazon Children “Spontaneously” Understand Geometry
January 19, 2006

Sky & Telescope

A New Breed of Black Hole (Not available online)
April 2006
(Also see the German translation in Astronomie Heute)

Atom Smashers Shed Light on Supernovae, Big Bang
Published online April 22, 2005
(Also read it in the Polish translation)

New Scientist

The Large Hadron Collider: Bring It On!
January 27, 2009

Wobblology: The Wobbly Table’s Tale
December 23, 2006

You Are Made of Space-Time
August 12, 2006 (with Valerie Jamieson)

Pristine Space Dust Found Buried in Snow
July 11, 2006

A View of the Universe Before the Big Bang
April 22, 2006

Free-Electron Lasers: The Next Generation
January 21, 2006

The Shape of Universes to Come
July 30, 2005

Are We Alone?

The “Jurassic Park” of Manuscripts
May 22, 2005
Are We Alone?
is the weekly radio show of the SETI institute.

Physical Review Focus

Magnet Theory Meets Earthquakes
–July 15 2005

Glass-Like Metal Performs Better Under Stress
–June 9 2005

New Instrument for Solo Performance
–May 27 2005

In Still Waters, Protons Run Deep
–April 6 2005

Hold Still
–March 22 2005

Quiet at the End
–March 3 2005

Motoring Oil Drops
–February 22 2005

A Microscope from Flatland

–January 24 2005


Let it Rain
February 2005

Einstein’s Relativity Logbook
February 2005

The Growth of Inflation
December 2004/January 2005

Alan Guth’s Logbook
December 2004/January 2005

Fine-tune This
December 2004/January 2005

Smart Scarecrow
December 2004/January 2005

October/November 2004

The Santa Cruz Sentinel

Wrestling with war and peace
November 3, 2003

SBC repairman recovers from SoCal fire injury
November 30, 2004

UCSC draws $1M donation
November 18, 2003

Community Advisors Network awards grants
November 17, 2003.

Exploding ginger-brew bottles prompt recall
December 2, 2003

Cutting back on lawn-mower pollution
November 29, 2003

Pilot, scientist James Meehan dies
November 3, 2003

It’s pumpkin-pickin’ time again
October 9, 2003

Big Brothers Big Sisters receives accolade
December 15, 2003

Physics News Update

Spontaneous Symmetry Breaking in Women’s Genes
February 27, 2007

Optical Beehive
November 29, 2006
(Translated into Japanese by the magazine Parity)

Dark Energy at Redshift Z=1
November 22, 2006
(Translated into Japanese by the magazine Parity)

Stronger Hurricanes Linked to Climate Change
September 20, 2006

Artificial Muscles for Lifelike Color Displays
September 6, 2006

Can String Theory Explain Dark Energy?
June 19, 2006

A New Triumph for Inflation
March 17, 2006

Stock Market Criticality
February 14, 2006

Stargazing on Mars
December 15, 2005

Networking Can Be Critical, Literally
August 19, 2005

Inside Science News Service

The Physics of a Valentine Treat: Slower Is Better
February 9, 2007

Science Magazine’s Breakthrough of the Year 2006
December 21, 2006

Proofs, Women, and Youth: A New Movie and Some Old Clichés
October 14, 2005

Fermilab Today

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The Interaction Point

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The Stanford Report

Task force tackles role of particle physics in universe
August 18, 2004

Art meets science: Renaissance painting inspires interdisciplinary
collaboration and unusual museum exhibit

July 21, 2004

Experiment shows that magnetic recording is much slower than thought
April 28, 2004

Stanford and Stockholm University scientists show that water molecules cling together more loosely than previously thought
April 6, 2004