Links about freelance science writer Davide Castelvecchi

Links related to my writing: featured my August 12, 2006 New Scientist cover story on loop quantum gravity. More precisely, it featured Lee Smolin, who was the main source for it.

The Australian edition of Sky & Telescope magazine, where my article on black holes was the cover story for the April 2006 issue.

Chance of stock crash guided by laws of physics, by Bill Barnhart
The Chicago Tribune, March 3, 2006.
A business columnist quoted me on research I had written about (see Stock Market Criticality) in Physics News Update.

— from Science, 28 October 2004 (requires access)
A surprising result from an experiment on the structure of water was named a top-10 breakthrough of the year 2004 by Science magazine. I wrote Stanford’s press release (here as reprinted in the Stanford Report ) during my internship at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Laboratory.

Putting pen to paper, by Virginia Gewin
— from Nature, 18 November 2004
I was quoted by a colleague in this article about the science writing profession

“symmetry” Magazine Launched by Fermilab and SLAC
— from Fermilab Today, October 28 2004
I worked for symmetry during its gestation (while I was at SLAC) and first three issues (at Fermilab). This article is accompanied by a picture of us Fermilab symmetrists.

Some links to my current Web work:

DBIS TV news
I am Web editor and one of the content writers for this online companion to DBIS, AIP‘s syndicated TV news service.

At AIP, I am also Web editor of Physics News Update and Physics News Graphics. Both PNU and PNG will be restructured as part of a new Web site I am developing for AIP.

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