Scientific American Nets Two Ellie Nominations

The American Society of Magazine Editors announced the finalists for the National Magazine Awards yesterday. These awards are also called “Ellies” because the winners receive a reproduction of Calder’s sculpture “Elephant.”

Scientific American got two nominations: one for “General Excellence” in the category of Finance, Technology and Lifestyle Magazines (apparently there is no science category); the other one for best single-topic issue, which mentioned our September 2010 issue “The End”. (The special issue is available as an iPad app, in a single package called “Origins and Endings,” which also includes our September 2009 Origins special issue.)

Congratulations to the entire SciAm staff, and especially to Editor-in-Chief Mariette DiChristina who has shepherded the magazine through a (now we can definitely say) successful relaunch last year. Kudos to Roger Black’s studio for the new design and to our own Design Director Mike Mrak and his staff for making the magazine beautiful month after month. My colleague Michael Moyer deserves special credit for editing the “End” special issue, which included his insightful essay. That issue also included my colleague George Musser’s incredible feature article on whether time could end.

The winners will be announced on May 9.

Over the years, SciAm has earned 16 Ellie nominations and 5 Ellie awards. In addition, in 1999 former Editor-in-Chief was inducted into ASME’s Magazine Editors’ Wall of Fame.

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