Month: September 2010

SciAm’s New Look

With the October issue now on newsstands we are launching a new design and layout for the magazine. Not that I can claim any credit for the new design, but I still like it. I am particularly fond of the new logo, which is a modern twist on the old (by old I mean post-1948) Scientific American, the one with the white frame.

The lineup of departments and columns has also changed. My new colleague Christine Gorman, formerly of Time magazine, now has a column called The Science of Health, and David Pogue has one on personal technology called TechnoFiles. Another new colleague, Anna Kuchment, is running a spruced-up front-of-the-book news section called Advances.

This month’s feature articles include an adapted excerpt of the new book by Stephen Hawking and Leonard Mlodinow, The Grand Design; Rob Irion’s exclusive peek into the construction of the James Webb Space Telescope; and an article on robot ethics.

The SciAm Web site also has a new look and feel.