My First Story in Science News

On Monday I started my new job at the weekly magazine Science News. I will be covering physics and technology. In this week’s issue I have a short article about a recent experiment that probed for the first time how matter transitions into a very unusual state called a Bose-Einstein condensate.
In theory at least, Bose-Einstein condensates had been discovered in the 1920s. But it took 70 years before physicists would manage to create one in the lab, mostly because they can only exist at ridiculously low temperatures — only a fraction of a degree above absolute zero. At any given time, many of the atoms in a condensate are literally at their lowest possible temperature. It seems very unlikely that such a state of matter can exist anywhere in the universe, outside of the lab.
Read my story on the Science News web site: Warming Up to Criticality: Quantum change, one bubble at a time

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