Month: June 2006

Confessions of an Accidental Blogger

It was too tempting to find some use for my new domain name,, which I recently bought for an undisclosed sum ($15). So my old site,, has now officially retired, replaced by this one.

Those who had seen before will hardly notice the difference: I made quite some effort to unglue the old upholstery without scratching it or tearing it up (after all, I had recently pimped it up, so I wasn’t ready to part with it) and reattach it onto the new car. I also took with me everything that was in the trunk, i.e., all the content from the old site.

My geekier readers, though, will notice subtle differences. (Hint: none of the page addresses have a .html suffix anymore.) In fact, under the hood everything has changed: I have installed blogging software and transferred all the old content onto it. So while the purer writers among my friends might object that it ain’t a blog until you blog (whatever that means), this is now a blog.

Now that I have a blog, before you know it I could somehow accidentally become a blogger. Which brings up a thorny question. Do I want to blog? Do I want to become addicted to monitoring the holes in my socks and describing them in full detail on a daily basis? to reading dozens of other blogs and linking to them? to indulging in the act of writing without having to deal with editors? and to writing about the coolest science factoids I hear about, so I give away my best story ideas instead of finding places to publish them first?

Maybe not. But more and more often over the last few months — and certainly since I posted my “Top 10 science stories of 2005” — I have felt like writing in a sort of commentary vein, and I have realized that the way I was using my old site was slowly turning into something like a blog. Except that I didn’t have the blogging software, which makes everything easier.

So I’m not sure where this will go. For now, I see it as a place for me to talk about the stories I have covered, that I would like to cover, or that I wish I had covered, and perhaps to toy with the idea of a Sunday column kinda thing. As a freelance science writer who also has a day job, I probably won’t be posting much more than once a week anyway.

Which reminds me, I gotta go do my laundry and check out the holes in my socks now.